Our technology

HEXtraSENSE: our proprietary capacitive-based high proximity sensing technology for human-robot collaboration, optimized to sense humans’ proximity to potentially dangerous robots.


Core applications

HEXtraSENSE is the “building block” to create no-contact safe and high-range auras to cover:
(1) robots, (2) grippers & tools,
(3) AGV, etc., or to create: (4) no-entrance volume/cages.

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Our mission

Revolutionize your company and workplace with the HEXtraSENSE technology to improve safety, control, collaboration, and human-robot interaction.

novel paradigm, where humans and robots are members of the same team, can be possible through the integration of novel technologies capable of covering any non-regular surface to provide a robust and reliable awareness of the surrounding environment.High-range proximity detection is limited by the current technologies, that are capable of providing just a few centimeters of “safe” proximity range (i.e., pre-contact information). Our goal is to develop a LOW-COST, MODULAR and EASY-TO-USE technology optimized for interacting with human beings at a high distance range in both private and working environments.


HEXtraSENSE is not affected by dust, smoke, or light conditions and can be integrated / insulated in several materials for protection.

Human presence and proximity can be detected even in the presence of interposed objects. No need to worry about line-of-sight, blind corners, or hidden targets.

Not only robotics and safety: HEXtraSENSE is a plug-and-play, scalable, programmable IoT-connected technology, suitable for various needs, such as contactless wireless switches.

Industrial Applications




Who we are

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    MEDIATE'S CREATION September 2017

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    Projects and industrial initiatives 2018-2022

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    NEW SHAREHOLDERS RoboIT & Pariter Partners February-2023


Mediate Srl. – spin-off company of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna – was established with the aim of bringing to the market revolutionary techological and scientific advancements in collaborative and industrial robotics. Mediate comes from a high-level worldwide recognized research institute – the BioRobotics Institute of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna – and it is composed by a multidisciplinary team with horizontal competences


Marcello Chiurazzi
Chief Executive Officer

Marcello Chiurazzi is a Biomedical and Robotic Engineer actively working in collaborative robotics within industrial settings. His experience paves the way for the development of novel technologies and human-centered robotic platforms, with a strong focus on innovation and operational excellence.

Marcello Chiurazzi
Chief Executive Officer
Andrea Firrincieli
Chief Technical Officer

Andrea Firrincieli is an Aerospace Engineer who began his career focusing on Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and the design of lightweight composite structures. He has since applied his expertise to the medical and robotics fields. Andrea strives to bridge the gap between research and industry, leveraging his problem-solving skills and practical approach in the study, design, development, and creation of innovative medical and robotics devices and platforms.

Andrea Firrincieli
Chief Technical Officer
Emiliano Cutolo
Software Developer

Emiliano Cutolo joined Mediate srl as a Software Developer, bringing key expertise in Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Human-Machine Interface (HMI) design. He is also skilled in firmware implementation for microcontrollers and the control of industrial and collaborative robots. Emiliano ensures the development of intuitive and high-performing solutions that enhance the interaction between users and machines.

Emiliano Cutolo
Software Developer
Diego Barone
External consultant

Diego Barone, working as an external consultant, brings his extensive experience in electronic systems design to the company. His expertise includes measurement/conditioning/acquisition systems, power supply/backup units, motor drivers, battery controllers, communication interfaces. Currently, he is supporting the company in optimization and certification activities.

Diego Barone
External consultant
Paolo Dario
Scientific Advisor

Paolo Dario, with over thirty years of experience in managing multi-million European and national projects, is the scientific advisor and Co-Founder of Mediate Srl. He is also a Professor of Biomedical Robotics at the BioRobotics Institute of Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna.

Paolo Dario
Scientific Advisor
Gastone Ciuti
Scientific Advisor

Gastone Ciuti is the co-founder and scientific advisor of Mediate Srl. He has a background in medical and collaborative robotics and holds a PhD in BioRobotics. Gastone is also an Associate Professor of Bioengineering at the BioRobotics Institute of Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna.

Gastone Ciuti
Scientific Advisor
Arturo Baroncelli
Industrial advisor

Arturo Baroncelli is an experienced Business Development Manager with a demonstrated history in the industrial automation industry. He is skilled in Systems Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing, Management, and Lean Manufacturing. Arturo is a strong engineering professional and will serve as the industrial advisor for Mediate Srl.

Arturo Baroncelli
Industrial advisor
Maria Mauro
External consultant

Maria Mauro is a Biomedical Engineer currently working as a research fellow at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna. She has also joined Mediate srl as an external consultant, where she supports the experimental validation of sensor technologies for human-machine interaction, providing expertise from both technical and managerial perspectives.

Maria Mauro
External consultant



RoboIT is the first National Technology Transfer Hub launched by CDP Venture Capital in collaboration with Pariter Partners and created together with the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa with the involvement of the University of Naples Federico II, the University of Verona and the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa, ones of the major research centers in Italy specialized in the robotics sector.

Web Site
Toscana Next

Toscana Next is a regional co-investment fund aimed at supporting startups and innovation initiatives in the area by providing resources to support acceleration programs, technology transfer initiatives, and startups at all stages of their lifecycle, operating within the Tuscany region.

Toscana Next
Pariter Partners

Pariter Partners is an investment holding company funded in 2017 that invests in early-stage entrepreneurial scientists and Deep Tech companies mainly in Italy and Europe.
Pariter invests directly or through its syndicates which today aggregates in its network the most active financial and industrial Italian investors focused on Deep Tech and Tech Transfer.

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Pariter Partners
Pariter Robotics

Pariter Robotics is an investment vehicle that funds university spin-offs and innovative startups in the field of robotics and automation. The vehicle's target investments include opportunities that have been selected and funded by the RoboIT technology transfer hub.

Pariter Robotics

Work with us

Be part of an Italian awarded, fast-growing robotics start-up working to best shape tomorrow’s future


Mediate Srl is an innovative company with big ambitions. With us, you will become part of a dynamic team that is challenged to perform on a daily basis. We put ideas into action. We offer an exciting job in a dynamic and fast-growing company with the opportunity of working alongside skilled and talented colleagues. You will be working in teams with open-minded, passionate and engaged colleagues that are doing what they love to do, in an environment where all ideas and creative solutions are welcome.

We dare to do what others think is impossible and work towards making bleeding edge technologies a reality for businesses of all sizes

Open Positions

Job description and main tasks

As an administrative assistant, you will be part of a dynamic and competent team, whose goal is to effectively support daily business operations and contribute to the overall success of the organization. Your role at our company will involve managing a variety of essential administrative tasks, including but not limited to:

  • accurate recording and management of financial and accounting documentation;
  • processing and monitoring financial transactions, including invoicing and vendor payments;
  • handling human resources practices, including contract management and attendance tracking;
  • assisting in the preparation of reports and presentations for senior management;
  • managing internal and external communications;
  • supporting the organization of meetings and company events.

Job profile and competences

To be considered for this position, having at least a high school diploma or an associate degree in a related field is preferred. We are looking for an organized, reliable, detail-oriented individual with good communication skills and a strong work ethic. It is essential to have experience in handling administrative tasks and a basic knowledge of accounting and financial principles. Other desirable skills include familiarity with document management and accounting software, multitasking abilities, and the capacity to work effectively both as part of a team and independently.

Location: office based in Pontedera (Pisa)

Job description and main tasks

As an Electronic Engineer, you will be a key contributor to our product development team, responsible for designing and developing innovative electronic products from concept to production. Working closely with cross-functional teams, you will play a critical role in all stages of the product development lifecycle. Your responsibilities will include:

  • designing electronic circuits and systems, including schematic capture and PCB layout;
  • selecting and integrating electronic components to meet product requirements and specifications;
  • prototyping and testing electronic designs to validate functionality and performance;
  • collaborating with mechanical engineers, firmware developers, and other stakeholders to ensure seamless integration of electronics into the overall product design;
  • troubleshooting and resolving technical issues during the development process;
  • supporting manufacturing and production teams in transitioning products from prototype to mass production.

Job profile and competences

To thrive in this role, a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, or a related field is required. We are seeking a creative and analytical individual with a passion for electronics and a strong foundation in circuit design and analysis. Key skills and qualifications include:

  • proficiency in electronic design tools such as Altium Designer, Eagle, or KiCad;
  • experience with analog and digital circuit design, including microcontrollers, sensors, and communication interfaces;
  • knowledge of design for manufacturing (DFM) and design for testability (DFT) principles;
  • familiarity with regulatory standards and certifications for electronic products (e.g., EMC, safety in industrial environments);
  • excellent problem-solving abilities and attention to detail;
  • effective communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.

Location: office based in Pontedera (Pisa)

Job description and main tasks

As a Mechatronics Engineer, you will be an integral part of our innovative team, bridging the gap between the mechanical and electronic departments. Your role will involve the development, integration, and optimization of our advanced mechatronic systems, ensuring seamless operation and enhanced performance.

You will focus on:

  • Designing and optimizing mechatronic systems.
  • Collaborating with mechanical and electronic engineers.
  • Conducting simulations and testing for validation.
  • Troubleshooting mechanical and electronic issues.

Specific tasks include:

  • Designing autonomous mobile platforms.
  • Enhancing robotic end-effectors.
  • Structural analysis of mobile platforms.
  • Simulation and certification testing.
  • Designing electronic circuits and PCB layouts.

These tasks aim to solve real-world problems by leveraging the potential of mechatronic systems, tackling challenging issues, and delivering innovative solutions.

Job profile and competences

To apply for this position, you should have a MSc in Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or a related field. Additional degrees or certifications will be considered advantageous. We seek a passionate, quick-learning candidate who thrives in a dynamic and stimulating environment, with strong interpersonal skills. Key skills include:

  • 3D CAD modeling (e.g., PTC Creo, SolidWorks).
  • FEM analysis (e.g., Ansys, Abaqus).
  • Programming and simulation (e.g., MATLAB).
  • Electronic design tools (e.g., Altium Designer, Eagle).
  • Analog and digital circuit design, including microcontrollers and sensors.

Other competences:

  • Excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Effective communication and teamwork.
  • Flexibility for varied tasks.

Location: Office based in Pontedera (Pisa)

If you are passionate about mechatronics and eager to contribute to a forward-thinking company, we encourage you to apply and join our team!

Job description and main tasks

As a Quality and Certification Specialist, you will play a crucial role in ensuring the highest standards of quality and compliance for our products. Working within a dynamic and innovative team, you will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of product quality control, certification, and compliance with relevant regulations and standards. Your duties will include:

  • developing and implementing quality control procedures to ensure product reliability and performance;
  • conducting thorough product testing and analysis to identify and resolve any quality issues;
  • coordinating with external certification bodies to obtain necessary product certifications and approvals;
  • maintaining documentation and records related to product quality and certification processes;
  • providing training and support to staff on quality assurance procedures and standards.

Job profile and competences

To qualify for this position, a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Quality Management, or a related field is preferred. We are seeking a detail-oriented individual with a strong understanding of quality management principles and experience in quality control and certification processes for electronic products. Key skills and qualifications include:

  • knowledge of relevant quality standards and regulations, such as ISO 13849, ISO 62061, and RoHS;
  • experience in conducting product testing and analysis using quality assurance tools and techniques;
  • familiarity with certification processes and requirements for electronic products in various markets (e.g., CE marking, EMC certification, SIL and PL knowledge);
  • excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively in a team environment;
  • strong problem-solving abilities and attention to detail.

Location: office based in Pontedera (Pisa)

Job description and main tasks

As a Test Engineer, you will be an integral part of our product development team, ensuring the quality and reliability of our electronic products through rigorous testing procedures. Working in a collaborative environment, you will be responsible for designing, implementing, and executing comprehensive test plans to validate product functionality and performance. Your duties will include:

  • developing test strategies and methodologies to verify product specifications and requirements;
  • designing and building test fixtures and equipment for automated testing processes;
  • conducting various types of tests, including functional, regression, performance, and reliability testing;
  • analyzing test results and identifying areas for improvement or optimization in product design and manufacturing processes;
  • documenting test procedures, results, and findings for internal records and regulatory compliance.

Job profile and competences

To excel in this role, a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or a related field is preferred. We are seeking a detail-oriented individual with a strong technical background and hands-on experience in product testing and validation. Key skills and qualifications include:

  • proficiency in test automation tools and scripting languages (e.g., Python, LabVIEW);
  • familiarity with test equipment and instrumentation, such as oscilloscopes, multimeters, and spectrum analyzers;
  • knowledge of software development methodologies and version control systems;
  • excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to troubleshoot complex technical issues;
  • effective communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively in a multidisciplinary team environment.

Location: office based in Pontedera (Pisa)

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